Why do Cyberbullies indulge in Cyberbullying?

A large number of people wonder why the youth and young generation of today engage in cyber bullying others. To answer this question, the youth were asked regarding their reasons for doing so.

Some reasons included that they wished to get back at the person for something that he may have done to them in the first place and was thus seen to be a way of getting back to the other person in the form of revenge. Others saw it as something which the other person deserved to get again because it is possible of their previous acts. It is difficult to judge whether such reasons are enough to justify their behavior however it would be safe to say that cyber bullying is seen to be more of a revenge tactic than anything else for a majority of the youth. Other reasons however also included to be mean or to simply have fun and boast about it with friends.


Source URL: Text Message monitoring App


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Angela is a strong believer in utilizing technology at its best and writes articles for the very purpose of empowering people with the right technological tools available in the market. She blogs at MobiTechSpy
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