3 Crucial Internet Safety Tips to Teach Your Kids


Now this is the era of digital things. We are living in an age where we are surrounded with digital things. There are 100% of chances that your children will use internet throughout their life. For work, for playing, for fun in short for everything internet will be essential for them. Here I am going to tell you a few things that you should teach your child as soon as possible to ensure good internet security for their better and brightening future.

  1. Keep Personal Details Secret Online

It is very important for your children to learn that they need privacy and secrecy while browsing on internet. Children have a natural habit that they immediately trust everyone they meet whether the meet is face to face or on internet. You should teach them that they should never share their real and personal information like name, address, mobile phone number, land line number, email address or any other information on social media. Otherwise it will create a big mess in future for them.

  1. Never Meet Up With Strangers

Some teenager kids tempt by strangers. The main thing is that the strangers attract them by showing them that they care about them. They just keeps chatting with them, they show concern and tell them that care about them a lot. By this they tempt them to meet them outside at a public place or somewhere. The kids are not so aware of this world so they accept their proposal to meet and went out to meet them. And this is exactly how a lot of predators work. They call them for meeting and sometimes kidnap them or many other expected things they can do.

In this case the important thing is to teach your children that never trust a person just because he is being sweet with you or he is showing care and concern to you on internet. The reality could be totally opposite then this. Because it is really easy to make a fake interact online.

  1. Don’t Share Passwords

Now a day’s friendship means to share every single thing with each other. That can be really very dangerous. No one knows that what is in other person’s heart or mind. Same as this, kids don’t know that what their friends are thinking. They share their screen names and passwords with each other just to prove their real friendship. But when they share passwords, bad things happen often. By getting password they can get access to your personal and sensitive assets. And it can result as anything. It can be blackmailing or something else like this. Prevent this from happening by teaching the young to b secretive about their personal things.

As a parent this is your responsibility to make sure that your kid is using internet safely and securely. He is keeping care of his personal and sensitive assets. If you didn’t teach them this yet then have a one on one conversation with them and teach them what is privacy.


About angela smith

Angela is a strong believer in utilizing technology at its best and writes articles for the very purpose of empowering people with the right technological tools available in the market. She blogs at MobiTechSpy
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